Trump supporters gathered by the tens of thousands Saturday afternoon in Washington DC for the “Million MAGA March” to demand that President Trump not concede the 2020 presidential election.

“Stop the steal,” the Trump coalition chanted as they assembled at the Supreme Court. While major news networks including Fox News have called the presidential election for Biden, the activists hear and firmly believe President Trump when he says the election was “stolen” from him.

While their tone was generally upbeat among each other, there was also fierce anger directed at counter-protesters who would proclaim that President Trump had failed, as well as Joe Biden himself. Activists with the group “Refuse Fascism” gathered near Freedom Plaza as the event began to tell President Trump to “pack his bags.”

Many in the group wore orange sweatshirts reading “Trump/Pence Out Now!” and some promoted the website of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA.

Some exchanged punches as Trump supporters physically attempted to push the counter-protesters away. Police ultimately separated the two sides, and no arrests were made.

Trump supporters marched to Capitol in the thousands. In addition to full-throated support for President Trump, the crowd expressed a verbose hatred for Joe Biden.

Alex Jones – an infamous conspiracy theorist and favorite among the right-wing – had the Proud Boys surrounding him as security as he shouted into a megaphone.

“Joe Biden is a communist Chinese agent and a compromised pedophile with the rest of his satanic family,” yelled Jones. “Joe Biden’s going to prison, he’s not going to the White House.”

“Arrest Joe Biden!” chanted the crowd.

For the most part, police were able to keep the two sides separate during the march itself. At the Supreme Court, police faced riot shields toward the antifascists, who carried a banner reading “Punch MAGA in the face.”

While the “Million MAGA March” itself came to a close as the sun set on the nation’s capitol, Trump supporters continued to march throughout Washington DC late into the night.

Some violence broke out between Proud Boys and counter-protesters. One individual was seen lying on the ground apparently knocked out for about a minute before police helped her up.

“All commies are bastards!” chanted the Proud Boys.

Another fight broke out, but the person sparring with a Proud Boy ran away. As some began chasing the man, another tried to stop them yelling, “No! It’s a bad look!” The fight didn’t continue after a block-long chase.

“Say his name! Donald Trump! Say his name! Donald Trump!” the MAGA supporters chanted on route to the Washington Monument.
Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio gave a speech at the Washington Monument, where supporters began cracking open beers.
“This right here shows the power when we, the right wing, unite, and we get together,” he said.

One group chanted “Clean the streets!” as they marched to Black Lives Matter Plaza outside the White House. They had aspired to pull community activist artwork off of the fence, but police mostly prevented them from doing so. They ultimately began pulling “Black Lives Matter” wooden signage off of a private business building until police intervened, some in riot gear, but did not make arrests.