“Fuck Biden! Fuck Trump! No more presidents! No more fascists!”

Antifascist activists marched through Washington DC Tuesday night, as the election results were tallied, in Black-bloc to protest both candidates and the entire system, especially police.

They were led by DC’s They/Them Collective, an anarchist collective.

The march ended at DC’s 4th Precinct police station, where one activist hopped barricades and threw a bag at the building.

He was arrested and pulled inside after trying to jump back over to his comrades.

Lt. Bagshaw of MPD made a hand gesture resembling a small bow after the arrest.

Ahead of the antifascist march, at least one other arrest occurred outside the White House on election night.

Police surrounded one man as the arrest was made. An apparently pro-police onlooker made a remark in support of officers making the arrest, leading the arrestee to say, “Literally I’m getting arrested for no reason so F*** you.”

Officers formed a line to hold back the crowd as they loaded the man into a police van. An MPD Lieutenant declined to clarify the man’s charges to News2Share.

One protester’s umbrella was destroyed when an officer swiped it as it was opened in front of the police line. Following the arrest, officers retreated, and activists followed them, chanting “move back!”