Some members of the right-leaning “National Patriotic Defense Team” militia and the left-leaning “United Pharaoh’s Guard” militia both gathered on the streets of Louisville, Kentucky Tuesday morning as the 2020 presidential election began.

“We stand together,” said UPG member Jacoby Glenn, who wore a semi-automatic rifle and a side arm. “Honestly, we do what the police should be doing, and that’s to protect protesters instead of fighting against them.”

“LMPD is kicking back and eating some fried dough,” one member remarked, referencing the lack of police officers in the area.

“We just want to make sure everything remains safe, everybody gets their votes in, no matter who they’re voting for,” said NPDT leader Tara Brandau, who only wore a sidearm.

“We both are here for pretty much the same purpose,” added Brandau.

The “National Patriotic Defense Team” was formerly known as the “Wild Card III%” militia, but recently rebranded. While under the “Wild Card III%” banner, the group previously rallied in Louisville against the NFAC, an all-Black militia.

More recently, the group gathered at a parking lot in Louisville during a week of heavy protesting, but did not confront any activists directly. The group has consistently claimed that they gather to “back up law enforcement” rather than protest or demonstrate.