Video by Ford Fischer
Story by Joel Simon

Prior to President Trump’s “Law and Order” speech from the White House balcony, hundreds assembled for the “Blexit Backs the Blue” March on the National Mall, where attendees gathered to hear speeches from Pro-Trump activists.

Most of the speeches touched on the idea of “Blexit”- that black and other minority voters should exit, and stop supporting, politicians from the Democratic party.

Prominent conservative activist and Blexit co-founder Candace Owens spoke critically of what she believed the “Left” was promoting, mainly “Marxist principles,” “race hate,” “indoctrination,” and resegregation. She also suggested a need for police in communities of color.

Former police officer and Blexit co-founder Brandon Tatum told the crowd that compliance with police officers would prevent police-civilian violence, stating “If you don’t want to get shot by the police, don’t put yourself in a position where they have to use force against you,” he said. “Police officers don’t wanna kill nobody.”

Pro-Trump radio host Larry Elder criticized the “Black Live Matter” movement using crime statistics, saying “Where’s the ‘White Lives Matter’ Movement?” He also dismissed the idea that the greatest problem in the black community was racially-biased policing, income inequality, or climate change. He claimed the greatest problem as being the lack of fathers in black households.

After the remarks were finished, the marchers traveled from the Ellipse into the White House grounds. They were met by President Trump, who spoke for approximately 15 minutes from the white house balcony. The appearance marked the President’s first public speech since he was discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center, where he was being treated for COVID-19.

Trump spoke directly to the marchers, saying “You just marched to the White House because you understand to protect the lives of black Americans, and all Americans, you have to have your police support you. If the left gains power, they’ll launch a nation-wide crusade against law enforcement… at a level that nobody has ever seen before. [Biden and the Democrats] will take away their (law enforcement’s) fund, their firearms, their fundamental authorities, they’re taking everything away, including your freedom.”

While Trump’s speech was entitled “Remarks at a Peaceful Protest for Law and Order,” the President covered many topics in his remarks, ranging from the economy, to COVID-19, to the border wall, to the moderator of his most recent debate with Joe Biden.

Following the conclusion of the President’s remarks, marchers made their way from the White House towards BLM Plaza. Different chants broke out from the marchers, ranging from “Four More Years!” to “Jesus Matters!” to “Law and Order!”

They were met by counter-protesters along the way, including a woman with a megaphone who verbally sparred with the marchers, but police kept the two groups separate.

Police asked the group not to march onto Black Lives Matter plaza itself, which they complied with.

“We respect authority,” said Tatum, as he directed protestors back towards the National Mall. “We are black, but not Democrats,” said others as the protests concluded near the National Museum of Africa-American History and Culture.