Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate Spike Cohen spoke out at an outdoor rally in Newport News, Virginia Thursday afternoon.

“We as Libertarians will lower the size of government,” said Michael D. Bartley, a Libertarian candidate for Virginia’s 94th district House of Delegates as he began the program.

JaPharii Jones, leader of Black Lives Matter 757, introduced Cohen to the stage.

“The two party system is a fraud. Voter suppression is real,” Jones said. “Ending qualified immunity and defunding the ATF, that’s what we’re fighting for!”

“No-knock warrants, get rid of them,” he added.

Cohen began his speech by condemning the Biden/Harris and Trump/Pence campaigns.

He listed the war on drugs and wars overseas as policies Biden has either written, voted for, and enforced.

“And how fitting that the architect of the police state would pick as his running mate one of its most brutal enforcers,” he added, referring to Senator Kamala Harris.

He also condemned President Trump for “using the power of government to benefit himself at the direct expense of everyone around him” and listed several examples.

On foreign policy, Cohen says 15,000 more troops are overseas now than when Trump took office.

“I want you to have your power back. Jo wants you to have your power and your money back. That’s why we’re voting Libertarian. That’s why we’re voting for Jo Jorgensen,” he said.

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Ahead of the event, one attendee – Virginia militia leader Mike Dunn – was arrested for open carrying a handgun. Dunn was arrested under a new local ordinance banning open carry at public parks authorized by a bill recently signed by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.

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Following the rally, News2Share spoke to Libertarian Party VP candidate Spike Cohen.

If an actual sane adult had been up there proposing solutions to the problems that we’re facing… the American people would have voted for that option,” said Cohen, asked what would happen if he was able to debate Kamala Harris and Mike Pence. “They would have voted Libertarian.”