A coalition of pro-Trump and right-wing activists including the Proud Boys rallied in Portland Saturday afternoon against Antifa.

A state of emergency had been declared by Oregon Governor Kate Brown Friday afternoon, placing Oregon State Police, rather than local police, in charge.

The rally specifically lionized Kyle Rittenhouse, the Kenosha shooter who killed two and injured a third, and memorialized Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson, a right-winger shot dead in Portland by a self-proclaimed antifa activist.

Antifa counter-demonstrators did not show up, but right wing activists and militia members confronted press they believed were left wing.

Organizer Joe Biggs confronted the crowd. “Are we the left? We’re supposed to have freedom of speech. Stop hassling the media,” he said.

Black Riders Liberation Party leads armed defense for Portland counter-protest against Proud Boys

Black Lives Matter and Antifascist activists held a counter-demonstration Saturday afternoon in Portland against the Proud Boys demonstration being held in a nearby park. The two groups largely remained separate from each other.

Members of the Black Riders Liberation Party, a group that continues to promote the views of the Black Panthers, acted as armed security for the event.

“We’re not out here to cause any kind of destruction. We’re not out here to intimidate nobody, to antagonize nobody,” said BRLP regional minister of defense Ogun Ture. “Today we are actually out here to show that we are a liberated front.”

Letha Winston, Patrick Kimmons’ mother spoke out. Kimmons was killed by police in 2018.

“Don’t let nobody discourage you from getting justice,” she said. “Don’t let nobody discourage you from saying ‘F*** the police.'”

Antifa protests at night, 30 arrested

Police arrested 30 antifascist protesters Saturday night at a demonstration following the rally.

Police initially charged at the activists for refusing to leave the road, arresting several, and then continued to fight the crowd which occasionally threw objects back at them.

Police chased antifa protesters throughout an approximately 5-block radius for around three hours, ending just past midnight.

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