Protests broke out that lasted throughout Wednesday night following the shooting death of 18 year old Deon Kay in Southeast Washington DC.

Police reported recovering two firearms from the scene of the shooting.

Ward 8 City Councilman Trayon White said police told him an 18-year-old had fled from police.

“A young man was shot. They said they recovered two guns,” said Councilman White. “We want to find out what the truth is.”

White said he spoke to the mother, sister, and brother of Kay, who he described as “distraught, outraged.”

Protest at District 7 Police Station

Within hours of the shooting, local activist organizations called for an emergency protest. By 9pm Wednesday night, hundreds of activists had gathered outside the District 7 Police Station in Southeast Washington DC.

Initially vastly outnumbered, police retreated into the station. As protesters began banging on the front door, officers with bicycles forced the group back, pushing but making no arrests.

“They didn’t have to shoot him in the back. They could have shot him in the leg, or arm, or something,” said Earline Black, Kay’s aunt.

Body camera footage released Thursday afternoon shows that while he was fleeing, Kay was shot by an officer in front of him.

“Here’s the thing, I was not there,” said Sergeant Bagshaw of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Wednesday night to activists. “I don’t know all the information at this time. And I’m waiting for all the information to come out to make a decision.”

“They have the video. The video will be released tomorrow,” said ANC Commissioner Paul Trantham Wednesday night in an attempt to calm the crowd. “According to [the police], the video shows where the police acted correctly. So we will find out tomorrow whether this is proper and correct.”

“Say his name! Deon Kay!” chanted the crowd, which stayed at the police station late into the night.

Protest outside Mayor Bowser’s home

Several miles north, protesters formed at 1am Thursday morning outside the Northwest Washington D.C. home of Muriel Bowser.

“If we don’t get no justice, you don’t get no sleep!” chanted a crowd mostly clad in black.

Police refused to allow the activists to ring the mayor’s doorbell, so they began knocking at neighboring homes.

“Get off my lawn,” one homeowner yelled from a second-floor window.

MPD Inspector Robert Glover confronted the activists.

“Jason, go home,” Inspector Glover said, singling out one of the activists sporting all black including a balaclava.

“Glover, fuck off,” replied the activist.

“Go home.”

“I don’t know who Jason is.”

“Ok, alright Mr. Charter, have a nice night,” Inspector Glover said, apparently ID’ing the activist as Jason Charter, an antifascist activist charged by the Department of Justice with attempting to deface the statue of Andrew Jackson in front of the White House. “Go home.”

Glover initially threatened to make arrests for noise violations and “simple assault” for protesters pointing flashlights, but ultimately no arrests were made.

Bodycam Footage Released

Bodycamera footage released Thursday afternoon shows that Deon Kay was attempting to flee police when he was shot.

Officers appear to have chased Kay, with one getting ahead of him. Kay raised the gun and let go of it, throwing it to his side as the single round entered his chest.