As President Trump spoke at the White House to accept the RNC nomination for re-election, protesters held a “drown out Trump” music event on Constitution Avenue.

The goal was to be so loud that the event at the Rose Garden would be disrupted.

Police held the protesters blocks away from the speech itself.

Following President Trump’s Republican presidential nomination acceptance speech in the White House, protesters clashed with police as they attempted to confront attendees. Several were arrested.

In particular, after leaving the presedential nomination speech, Senator Rand Paul and his wife Kelley Paul were surrounded by protesters demanding he “say Breonna Taylor’s name!”

Police used bicycles to repel protesters as they escorted Senator and Mrs. Paul into a nearby hotel.

On June 11, Paul introduced the “Justice for Breonna Taylor Act” in the senate.

Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones – an African American Democrat who controversially endorsed President Trump – was escorted by police to his hotel after President Trump’s nomination acceptance speech in DC.

Protesters surrounded Jones, calling him a “disgrace.”