Video and Story by Chris Juhn
Edited by Ford Fischer

Three people were shot, two fatally, Tuesday night in Kenosha, Wisconsin during protests for Jacob Blake.

As the sun set on Kenosha, WI and the 8pm curfew drew near, protesters gathered by the courthouse which has been the epicenter for the protests. The city had set a curfew over the rioting that had broken out the previous two nights that left many businesses and vehicles burned.

Heavily armed men and women of various militia groups took to the streets to stand guard around businesses in town.

“Justice for who? Jacob Blake,” the crowd chanted defiantly outside the courthouse as curfew began.

Police positioned themselves behind a fence erected in front of the courthouse. As rocks, fireworks, and bottles were thrown by protesters, police employed tear gas, rubber bullets, and pepper balls toward the crowd.

Tear gas ultimately drove protesters away from the area and into the streets.

“Our lives matter,” a pair of activists told News2Share. “My kids fit every description.” “My kids matter… I have three very black sons,” one said. “That’s why I’m here.”

Fires were started in dumpsters and items were taken and piled up with fires stated in them to try to stop police from advancing down the street and pushing protesters back.

A burst of gunshots a fight ensued on Sheridan Rd and more gunshots rang out.

“Medic,” was screamed from multiple directions as the victims of the gunshots laid on the ground.

A man laying on the ground of a lot off of 63rd and Sheridan had been shot in the head. He was brought over to an SUV where he was taken to the hospital.

Police vehicles that were in one area of the city flew threw the streets to clear the area and assist victims of the shootings.

Anger turned to two individuals who were carrying rifles as they were called out as protesters believed they knew who the shooter was. Most of the protesters had left at this point and it was mostly press and a few protesters who were trying to figure out what had happened.

The flames from a car burning at the lot filled the air with smoke as the car fire and tear gas made the air hard to breathe.

By the end of night 3, it had been determined that three protesters had been shot, two fatally.