On Saturday, a newly branded militia group called the “National Patriotic Defense Team” – led by Tara “Hoggirl” Brandau – gathered in a Louisville Parking lot.

They say they weren’t protesting, but rather on standby to “back up” law enforcement. The group claimed to be aware of “credible threats” that Louisville could encounter, but did not clarify further.

Community members including several livestreamers – some of them armed themselves – argued with the militia group about their purpose in being there. LMPD monitored the situation, which did not become violent.

The “National Patriotic Defense Team” had originally tried to block off the parking lot to people outside the organization, but after complaints, the police asked them to open the area up again.

The “Not F***ing Around Coalition” (NFAC) had declared in Louisville on July 25 that four weeks later, they would “burn the motherf***er down” if the police officers who killed Breonna Taylor had not been arrested by then. As of Saturday – precisely four weeks after July 25 – the officers had not been arrested, but the NFAC didn’t return.

However, the NFAC has announced plans to come to Louisville on September 5, the day of the Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby will occur without a live audience.

The “National Patriotic Defense Team” has said they would also be present at the Kentucky Derby.

News2Share tentatively plans to cover whatever happens in Louisville on September 5.