Protesters marched to DHS Secretary Chad Wolf’s Alexandria, Virginia home Sunday morning to protest against ICE as well as the deployment of federal troops to cities against protesters.

A handful of feds watched on his property as the activists demanded ICE “free them all!”

Protesters focused particularly on the use of tear gas by federal agents in Portland. They contend that tear gas may be an aborticide, and pregnant protesters could be at risk of losing their babies.

“Let’s get real about what the values are of this administration,” said one activist, criticizing the use of what she calls “abortion gas” by the Trump administration, which frames itself as anti-abortion.

Paul ‘Luke’ Kuhn, a frequent in the Washington DC protest space, added that a COVID spike could be occurring in Portland unlike other cities with demonstrations.

He says that perhaps tear gas is exacerbating the spread of COVID among activists and those around them.

Before leaving Secretary Chad Wolf’s Alexandria home, the activists told the federal agent guarding the home that they should quit their jobs and “do something ethical for your country” like “work for the postal service.”

“We’ll be back!” chanted protesters as they left, promising to return in two weeks.