Conservative political fraudsters Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman held a press conference Thursday afternoon to deny allegations that Wohl “kidnapped” former White House staffer Merritt Corrigan, as her Twitter account was used to tweet homophobic messages that got her fired.

Wohl says he had a romantic and sexual relationship with Corrigan at the time.

Corrigan had served as deputy White House liaison for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID.)

According to reporting by Will Sommer at Daily Best, Corrigan later claimed that the texts had been sent by Wohl on her behalf and without her consent.

“I did NOT send these messages, and while I vehemently protested about them being sent in my name, my devices were not in my control,” she told Daily Beast in a statement. “I see now that I was part of an abusive scheme and I was used to attack people that have nothing to do with me.”

Wohl then released a statement calling for the Thursday press conference and stating that he’d falsely been accused of “kidnapping” Corrigan.

Burkman and Wohl spent the press conference denying the allegations, and blaming them on conservative journalist Raheem Kassam, a long-time friend of Corrigan who apparently came to her aid.

During the press conference, the pair was flanked by their security guard Lewis, who spored a bulletproof vest, handgun, two extra magazines, and handcuffs.

Following the press conference, Wohl published a 90 second recording from a two hour conversation he reports having with Corrigan after the incident that he claims exonerates him of wrongdoing.

The recording, however, shows Corrigan accusing Wohl of preventing her from having contact with her friends, and Wohl accusing Kassam of creating the situation.

Corrigan doesn’t appear to say anything corroborating Wohl’s account of events.

Reached for comment, Kassam told News2Share that, “my involvement in the matter extends to picking up my old friend when she called crying asking for help, and helping her explain to reporters that she didn’t send the tweets of her own volition.”