Antifa activist Jason Charter held a press conference Wednesday afternoon alongside his lawyer where he denied the Trump administration’s claim that he is the “ringleader of antifa.”

“My name is Jason Charter, and I am a proud antifascist,” he began.

“The ‘ringleader of antifa’ statement is as absurd as it is false,” he said. “Antifa is an idea which simply means to be against fascism.”

“We organize horizontally and don’t believe in a hierarchy, so can how could there be leaders?” he asked. “The only reason I was arrested was so Trump could put a face to the unrest around the country surrounding the longstanding racism in the United States.”

Charter currently faces three felony counts related to the statue of Andrew Jackson in front of the White House, which was vandalized on June 22, 2020 by a group of George Floyd protesters.

The charges include Destruction of Government Property, Destruction of Veterans’ Memorials, and Aiding and Abetting.

Another charge of Destruction of Government Property pertaining to the statue of Albert Pike that had been torn down on June 22, 2020 was dropped by prosecutors.