Activists from a right-leaning, pro-gun “boogaloo” movement led by Mike Dunn aka “Virginia Knight” joined forces Saturday with Black Lives Matter for a rally in Richmond, Virginia against police violence and government overreach.

Police had closed off a small, shaded area near the approved rally location, but armed activists from both movements literally linked arms to claim the area. Police made no arrests.

The groups found common ground especially on the deaths of Breonna Taylor and Duncan Lemp, a black woman and white man respectively who were both killed in no-knock police raids this year.

“White supremacy sucks!” chanted both boogaloo and Black Lives Matter protesters when members of the “Propertarian Institute” – a group that uses white nationalist talking points – arrived at the event.

One boogaloo speaker had rhetorically asked whether anyone at the event considers themselves racist. Three “Propertarians” raised their hand.

The sides largely split, but as a “Propertarian” gave a speech, both boogaloo and BLM activists marched back toward them chanting “White supremacy sucks!”

Some in the audience of the speech were in disagreement about whether the “Propertarians” are racist. This led to arguing and a very very brief physical confrontation.

One participant accidentally dropped his magazine and had to put it back into his rifle.

“We don’t do that Nazi shit,” said Mike Dunn, a marine veteran and the organizer of the original event in a debrief with his group afterwards.

All video and photo captured by Ford Fischer. Contact for licensing.