As Trump supporters lined up and entered President Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday, protesters expressed their discontent with the president, leading to a few moments of conflict and arrests.

“I can’t breathe” shirt-wearer arrested

A protester wearing an “I can’t breathe” t-shirt entered the secure area of the rally rally. She sat down as security asked her to leave and was arrested by the Tulsa Police Department. The woman identified herself as “Sheila Buck” before she was put into a Tulsa Police cruiser and taken away.

“Oklahoma Contingent Shield”

One group of armed, private activists patrolled the streets. They called themselves “Oklahoma Contingent Shield.”

They say they went to the rally to defend everyone’s rights, even “antifa’s.”

Protesters circle the rally, police briefly shut down one entrance

During the day, protesters marched around the rally’s perimeter.

On the east side, police shut down an entrance briefly and used force to push activists back to reopen.

Next, at the south entrance, National Guardsman attempted to hold back the crowd and separate them from Trump supporters. One Trump supporter charged at the activists, throwing at least one punch before being arrested.

Finally, protesters went to the west entrance, where police mostly did not intervene. Protesters chanted “Karen! Karen!” at a lone Trump supporter before pouring a bottle of water on her. Other activists de-escalated the situation, and the group left otherwise peacefully.


Conflict continue as rally begins

As President Trump spoke inside the BOK Center, protesters – mostly verbally – faced off with Trump supporters. Police made at least one arrest and deployed pepper balls, while protesters set a Trump flag on fire.

In one incident, a Trump supporter allegedly hit a protester with his truck and deployed mace against the crowd before driving away.

“Cowboy militia” patrols the streets

As the rally went on, armed activists patrolled the streets. One protester confronted some labelled “Cowboys Militia.”

“Are you gonna shoot us?” he asked.

“That’s not our intent brother,” one “Cowboy Militia” member replied.

As they talked, the militiaman convinced the protester he’s there to protect all sides at the event, and that he doesn’t identify with the Republican or Democratic Party.

The two ended up hugging, before News2Share got a chance to interview the militiaman.