Hundreds of pro-gun activists – many of them open carrying firearms – held a rally in Concord, NH Saturday afternoon to demand legislatures “Hold the Line” against gun control.

The group gathered in spite of the current national state of emergency declared by President Trump and NH state of emergency declared by Gov. Chris Sununu. There were no counter-protesters, arrests, or violence.

The rally was organized by the Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire (WDLNH), which describes itself as “a group of women in New Hampshire who wanted to focus on training and educating women in the state as well as standing on the forefront of 2nd Amendment legislative issues at the State House.”

“We will not stand down,” said Kimberly Morin, president of WDLNH. “We will continue to fight for our rights.”

“Beto O’Rourke said he’s gonna take your guns,”‘ Former NH GOP Vice Chair Matt Mayberry told the crowd to boos. “Joe Biden says he’s gonna come and take your guns!”

“Are you ready to fight?” he asked to cheers.

“I am a Republican woman, and my party is often assaulted by the other side saying we don’t believe women’s rights,” said Victoria Sullivan, a Former New Hampshire State Representative. “This is the number one right for women right here. The right to defend their own self, protect their person, protect their family, and to protect their home.”

“We don’t deserve that any less than the men on the other side do,” she added.

Caleb Q. Dyer – who served in the New Hampshire Legislature as a Libertarian – came out to the rally with a Mosin–Nagant, which was built in 1938 and saw its way through WWII.

He pointed out that it’s literally a “weapon of war” but wouldn’t be banned by proposed gun laws.

“I think [the rally] showed there’s plenty of regular people out there who own guns and want to keep owning them,” Dyer told News2Share.