Hundreds of pro-choice activists gathered Wednesday morning in front of the Supreme Court to demand that justices rule against Louisiana abortion restrictions in the first landmark abortion case since the appointment of Judges Kavanaugh and Gorsuch.

Representatives Barbara Lee and Diana DeGette, Senator Richard Blumenthal, and actress Elizabeth Banks participated.

The case of “June Medical Services v. Russo” will determine whether Louisiana can require that abortion providers have admitting privileges at local hospitals. Activists say the requirement is intended to shut down clinics and doesn’t serve women’s safety.

A similar law passed in Texas was already struck down by the Supreme Court in 2016.

“The only thing that has changed is the makeup of this court,” said Rep. Lee.

“I had the privilege of always knowing I could access abortion care. Just knowing I would never be forced to carry a child I did not want – knowledge men carry 24/7 – left me free to dream, free to pursue, free to become the woman I am standing here today,” said Banks.

“But abortion care cannot be just a privilege preserved for those in the right state, the right economic class,” she added. “It must be a right.”

“Abortion in legal in this country, and it needs to be available to everybody” said Rep. Diana DeGette who led a chant of “Our voice is our power.”

“Here is a memo to Donald Trump and his appointees to this court. This is what America looks like, and America is for reproductive rights,” said Senator Blumenthal. “America is for the principle: My right, my decision!”

“I became an abortion provider, because abortion is an essential part of healthcare,” said Katie McHugh, an OB/GYN and abortion provider “And because patients need and deserve care that is based on medicine, science and fact.”

“The fact is that laws posing an undue burden without improving patient care are unconstitutional,” she said.