Longtime Trump ally Roger Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison Thursday afternoon.

News2Share was there and captured 4K video of him entering and exiting the courthouse, as well as his supporters and protesters.

Late last year, Stone was convicted of one count of obstructing a proceeding, five counts of making false statements to Congress and one count of witness tampering in the Mueller probe.

A few members of the right-wing group “The Proud Boys – of which Stone is an honorary member – showed up at court to support him.

“Nobody should do years in jail supposedly for lying to a body that’s whole job is to lie to the American people,” said Proud Boys President Enrique Tarrio, referring to charges of making false statements to Congress.

He added that he wants Trump to pardon Stone today, as soon as Stone steps out of court.

Claude Taylor, a prominent anti-Trump activist, inflated a giant rat in front of the courthouse.

To him, Stone is “a rat who works for an even bigger rat,” he told News2Share.

As press awaited the recently sentenced Stone to exit the courthouse, right-wing journalist Own Shroyer began yelling at journalists.

“This case should already have been thrown out with a mistrial” he told reporters. “This is politically motivated to get Trump.”

Stone exited the courthouse and departed in a black SUV with a grin but without making any statement.