Hundreds of anti-war activists marched from the White House to Trump International Hotel Saturday afternoon to condemn the Trump administration’s escalated military action in the Middle East.

“Fight the rich! Not Iran! Fight the rich! Not Iran!” chanted activists with the DC chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. Several other groups such as Black Lives Matter DC and US Labor Against War participated in the event, which was led by Codepink: Women for Peace and the ANSWER Coalition.

Yasemin Zahra of US Labor Against War said that “it is always poor and working people who suffer the most” in war. She led a chant of “The bosses need us, we don’t need them!”

The event focused on various activist intersectionality with foreign policy, such as labor and environmentalism.

Brian Becker of ANSWER Coalition said that the conflict escalating in Iraq is “not only a violation of everything legal, of everything moral. It’s a violation of what it means to be alive.”

He condemned the dehumanization of Iranians and others, where he characterizes war hawks as justifying violence against targets by saying they’re “not our people.”

Kevin Zeese of Popular Resistance said President Trump is continuing a nuclear weapons race that Obama began with his trillion dollar nuclear weapons plan and that now the weapons race is even spreading into space.

“The weapons race will be larger than we’ve ever seen in history,” he said.

Actress Jane Fonda also spoke out. She said that for young people, every war fought in their lifetime has been over oil and that she opposes the conflict for both humanitarian and environmental reasons.

“The Pentagon is the biggest institutional user of fossil fuel in the world,” she said. “We can’t anymore lose lives and kill people and ruin environments because of oil.”

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