MAGA activists demonstrated Thursday in the “March for Trump,” which proceeded from Freedom Plaza to the Capitol in support of President Trump. The protesters condemned Nancy Pelosi for her efforts to lead an impeachment inquiry, which they framed as a “coup” and an “inquisition.”

One America News host Jack Posobiec was among the first speakers when the group rallied at the Capitol. He started with a moment of silence for Representative Cummings who passed away Wednesday night and urged cross-partisan dialogue. He cited the “Roseanne”show as an example, then condemned the impeachment inquiry.

Posobiec was followed by Human Events Editor-in-chief Will Chamberlain. He argued for social media platform as a “civil right” for those not breaking the law, then condemned the “bigotry” of the left for looking down on or hating MAGA folks.

Congressman Steve Scalise also spoke out, joining the condemnation of the impeachment inquiry and suggesting that President Trump has been tough on American adversaries, citing Russia, China, and Iran. He compared Trump’s policies to that of President Obama’s, who he frames as comparatively less “tough.”

Congressman John Rutherford followed Scalise, again speaking out against the impeachment inquiry – but this time focusing his speech on “Justice Democrats,” a wing of the Democratic Party he condemns as “open socialists.”

Congressman Doug Collins was the last representative to speak on stage. He condemned Nancy Pelosi, accusing her of trying to undermine the 2016 election.

Sebastian Gorka also spoke, insisting that Trump supporters need to “stand up to the bullies” who oppose them, particularly on social media. He said anyone not on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram defending Trump is “part of the problem.”

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