Hundreds of activists in the transgender community and their allies marched Saturday to federal non-discrimination legislation and community protections against violence.

The activists specifically called for the enactment of the house-passed Equality act – which would forbid certain forms of discrimination against trans* people as a civil right.

DC’s Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton spoke, pledging to continue supporting the LGBT+ community. She said she’s a founding member of the “Transgender Equality Task Force” and pointed out that she succeeded in her call for a special U.S. attorney to work on prosecuting violence against transgender people.

“American Horror Story” actress Angelica Ross also spoke out. She talked about the importance of trans women working hard and supporting each other to excel in their respective careers.

“There are people within our communities with the qualifications,” Ross said. “Let them do the work!”

“Stop it, stop killing our girls!” began the chanting as the march started moving.

“How many of us have to die for you to get involved?” read one large banner.

“Fuck Trump! Fuck Trump!” became the chant as the group passed Trump’s DC hotel.

A few Trump supporters waved a flag of their own but barely interacted with the march. A DC police officer stood by them as the march passed by.

“You will not erase us! You will not erase us!” chanted some of the activists.

Several political contingencies were present at the march, including the “Party for Socialism and Liberation” and the Libertarian Party.

Massachusetts Libertarian Party treasurer Ashley Shade said the Libertarians were there to “support the rights of everybody, especially trans people and those who are disproportionately affected in our communities.”