Right wing activists gathered Saturday in Portland for a brief rally, marching by bridge into the downtown area and quickly leaving.

The rally was entitled “End Domestic Terrorism” and meant to claim that anti-fascist activists, or “antifa” are domestic terrorists, a position President Trump says he’s considering.

“A Chinese Communist regime is running Portland,” Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson told News2Share.

Gibson and several others were arrested last week on felony riot charges related to an incident from months ago.

Gibson believes it was to discourage his participation on Saturday.

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Antifa Counter-Demonstrates

While the majority of right-wing activists left within an hour, antifa protested throughout the day.

Occasionally confrontations became violent, and police reportedly arrested 13 people.

Right-Wing Protests Mayor

A handful of participants in Saturday’s “End Domestic Terrorism” rally spoke out Sunday morning in a rally in front of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s House.

The activists say Wheeler has allowed violence to occur on the streets and targeted conservative activists for arrest, while allowing their political rivals – antifa – to act with impunity.

The protest was led by Haley Adams, who is currently running to replace Wheeler as mayor.