Right-wing activists gathered Saturday at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC – one block from an antifa counter-demonstration – to protest what they see as bias and censorship against conservatives on digital platforms.

Speakers included (links go to speech videos): conservative activist Laura Loomer and right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, United States Marine Corps Infantryman and pro-Trump activist Greg Aselbekian, Former Proud Boys leader Gavin McInnes, and Youtube prankster and Republican congressional Candidate Joey Saladino “Salads”, among others.

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Antifa Counter-Demonstrates

As the right-wing event took place in Washington DC’s Freedom Plaza, antifa left their protest zone at Pershing Park and attempted to flank the group by running through the streets in an indirect route toward their rivals.

Police thwarted the plan and physically repelled the group but made no arrests.

This video was shot by News2Share Intern Sameera Rajwade as her first assignment.

Jovi Val and Anti-Semitic Protester Removed

Two participants who showed up were forced out of the “Demand Free Speech” event.

One was a protester who held a sign saying “Jews Own USA” who was first confronted by a member of the Proud Boys, and the other was right-wing activist Jovi Val – a former Proud Boy himself – who was ejected after being called a “Nazi” for his more recent activism.

MAGA Activists Forced Out of Antifa Side

Especially as the “Demand Free Speech” rally concluded, some activists who participated permeated over to the antifa side. Citing safety concerns, police consistently forced these activists to leave. On at least one occasion, a water bottle was thrown at a Trump supporter as he left, and one antifa activist was pushed over by police.

No arrests occurred.

Violence At Trump Hotel Ahead of Afterparty

Antifa regathered Saturday to confront the “Free Speech Rally’s” afterparty during their arrival at the Trump International Hotel.

One antifa activist was arrested in a single scuffle, but police managed to separate the two sides otherwise.

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