70 environmental activists with “Extinction Rebellion NYC” shut down the streets in front of the The New York Times headquarters. The group says that the media, including The New York Times, are complicit in minimizing climate change, which they see as a “catastrophe” and form of “genocide.”

A New York Times spokesperson told CNN, “There is no national news organization that devotes more time, staff or resources to producing deeply reported coverage to help readers understand climate change than The New York Times.”
“Climate change is mass murder!” chanted the remaining activists as they awaited arrest. “Tell the truth! Tell the truth!”
“I don’t care about your plastic straws,” one activist told News2Share contributor Ed Fabry. “We need to hold the people in power accountable for the damage they’re doing to the environment.”

Journalist Arrested

In addition to the 70 activists arrested in civil disobedience action, journalist Michael Nigro (SIPA, Getty) was arrested for photographing the event from the third floor of the Port Authority, which is a public building. Police approached him saying that he couldn’t shoot from the location he was standing at.

He was arresting on charges of trespassing even as he tried to leave.

“I’m sorry,” said the Port Authority officer as he made the arrest.

See the original livestream including this arrest below: