Hundreds of pro-LGBT activists participated Friday night in a “Dyke March” to focus on the experiences faced by lesbian women.

The event featured several other issues such as those discussed by Black Lives Matter, and those faced by DC renters. “Dykes Against Displacement” read one banner.

Ahead of the event, a dispute took place over the presence of a particular flag: The rainbow LGBT pride flag with the Star of David on it.

Is it a Jewish queer pride flag, or an Israeli one? That was the heart of the issue. The organizers of the Dyke March had asked that this precise design not be brought to the event because they didn’t want any “nationalist symbols.”

The American flag, even stylized with a rainbow, was also banned.

The activists with the flag, some of whom identified as Zionists, said that they see the flag simply as an expression of Jewish-queer intersectional identity, and not national identity. Interpreting it as Zionist, they say, is a form of Antisemitism.

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