For the past few months, News2Share editor-in-chief Ford Fischer has had a presence on, a new social media platform based on blockchain technology, free speech, and anti-censorship.


This comes as a supplement, not a replacement, to News2Share’s presence on Facebook, Twitter (with separate accounts for its editor-in-chief and news director) and Youtube.

The problem with those most common social networking platforms is that they all face varying degrees of censorship, deplatforming, and demonetization.

Facebook and Youtube both have programs allowing content creators to be paid for ad revenue generated by their work, but tend to demonetize videos dealing with controversial subjects. Youtube has deemed videos of News2Share’s to be 18+ acceptable only. These include videos of anti-fascist protesters on inauguration day, and activists smoking marijuana, for example.

While Twitter has had fewer cases of censorship regarding News2Share content, their format is inherently limiting based on a 2 minute 20 second video limit, and a 280-character limit for each tweet.

Entire bodies of content are also vulnerable due to account suspensions. For example, journalist Sandi Bachom twice had her profile suspended after she reported on fascist activists. Her adversaries, she wrote, were “Weaponizing twitter to make us self censor.”

Minds, on the other hand, believes that “Surveillance, algorithm manipulation and censorship are infecting the web at unprecedented levels. For the first time in history, millions of users are abandoning traditional, centralized social apps in favor of freedom-based alternatives.”

They hope to be the solution in this alternative paradigm. While the website is still in its early stages, it already has a mix of political ideologies represented, and it has demonstrated a commitment not to censor, prioritize, or monetize based on political orientation.

As an outlet that covers a range of events and activism with a variety of political opinions involved and presents them objectively, without commentary, impartial content management is something News2Share values.

In the spirit of presenting a diversity of opinions in an objective fashion, we believe in diversifying the platforms we publish on. News2Share would like to welcome Minds to that family as an outlet with a lot of promise.

Join us at the link below, and if you have any questions, reach out to