Activists with CODEPINK and the ANSWER Coalition gathered Thursday afternoon for a press conference outside the Venezuelan Embassy, where their comrades with the “Embassy Protection Collective” are inside, still without access to deliveries from the outside, and now without electricity.

ANSWER’s Brian Becker spoke for a bit, and pro-Guaidó activists interrupted with noisemakers, horns, and pots and pans.

No arrests were made, but police shoved everyone tight together as Guaidó activists attempted to deplatform them from speaking to the media.

Media still wanted to hear from Codepink’s Medea Benjamin, who fled west, still being followed by the activists. Eventually, she and a handful of her comrades entered coffee shop “Baked & Wired,” where a manager asked pro-Guaidó activists to soften their voices and refrain from interupting, although he expressed sympathy with their cause.

Benjamin condemned the conditions that the Embassy Protection Collective is stuck with absent food, meds and electricity inside the Venezuela Embassy.

The group left after one Codepink activist dressed as John Bolton did his a Bolton impression shouting, “We need to hurry up with this war!”

“You need to get out” said the store manager, and the activists complied.