Conflict continued Wednesday between supporters of the pro-Maduro “Embassy Protection Collective” and supporters of Juan Guaidó, leaving one severely injured and three arrested.

With members of Codepink, ANSWER Coalition and others barricaded inside the Venezuelan Embassy and food running low, activists attempted to throw food inside. Gerry Condone, president of Veterans for Peace, was charged with throwing a missile, resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer after tossing a cucumber (which missed) and ending up in a scuffle with police and pro-Guaidó activists. Ursula Rozum with Codepink was arrested as well.

Conflict continued throughout the day between the two sides, and pro-Guaidó activists celebrated when federal agents protected a work crew that shut down electricity for the inside of the embassy. “We want you to know how it feels without power, which is how my country – our people – have been suffering 21 years,” one said.

A third pro-Maduro activist was arrested on a warrant issued based on a confrontation that occurred much earlier Wednesday morning.

Pro-Guaidó activists held a press conference condemning the Maduro supporters.

The group demanded the arrest and prosecution of the “Embassy Protection Collective” inside and the removal of the groups’ non-profit statuses.

As they entered a Spanish-language segment of the press conference, the “Embassy Protection Collective” shouted down from the embassy using loudspeakers, calling the press conference full of “lies” and accusing the Guaidó activists of being a “violent mob.”