Pro-Trump activist Jacob Wohl and lawyer Jack Burkman held a press conference Wednesday morning at Burkman’s house about their claim that Pete Buttigieg committed a sexual assault, a claim that the alleged survivor has already refuted.

About a dozen reporters including Jared Holt from Right Wing Watch and Will Sommer from The Daily Beast were present, as well as two private security personnel. One was a uniformed private agent from Acclaim Guards Security, while the other wore plain clothes, a firearm and handcuffs but no visible badge or credential.

An individual going by the name Hunter Kelly had posted a story on Medium accusing Mayor Buttigieg of sexual assault, but later took it down. He now says that Wohl and Burkman put him up to it, as does a Republican source who allegedly spoke to The Daily Beast and offered a recording as evidence.

Kelly also claims that he was prevented from leaving by the Wohl and Burkman, which they disputed by presenting footage of him on his computer at Burkman’s home, not in any apparent signs of distress.

Burkman says he intends to sue The Daily Beast for $100 million if they don’t release the recording by Friday.

Burkman and Wohl say that the alleged survivor recanted his story due to third party threats, including from his parents. They say that they witnessed these calls taking place, but have no record of them.

If that’s true, News2Share’s Ford Fischer asked, why didn’t they record them?

They say they didn’t have the foresight to do so.

“First of all, how can anyone take you seriously at this point?” asked Will Sommer. “Second of all, you’re clearly lying right, so what’s the deal?”

“I heard – with my own ears – at least a dozen threatening calls” Burkman says. “I heard 9 or 10 hours of those calls.”

When followed up by Fischer on how Burkman would have failed to record “9 or 10 hours” of threatening calls, Burkman explained that “all of this happened very quickly.”