A coalition of pro-gun, conservative and libertarian activists gathered Monday at the Pennsylvania State Capital in Harrisburg to condemn gun control policies being considered by their state legislature and others being passed in the city of Pittsburgh.

Pennsylvania Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R) led the event, and announced his intentions of impeaching Democrat Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto over new gun regulations in their city, which he says violate state law.

Peduto signed legislation last month restricting what it defines as “assault weapons,” banning armor-piercing bullets and allowing “red flag” seizures of firearms from people reported to law enforcement as potentially dangerous.

“It’s indefensible for someone to say you are for women’s rights but you’re against gun rights,” said Kelly Ann Pidgeon, founder of ARMED and Feminine, LLC. “My pro-choice is ‘it’s my body, it’s my right to protect it with a gun.'”

“Our second amendment rights are just as precious as our first amendment right to free speech, if not more,” added Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill. “Because we know that without the second amendment, there wouldn’t be a first.”

President of Gun Owners of America Erich Pratt spoke out against “Red Flag Laws” and described a case of someone being killed during a confiscation. A popular theme he picked up on is that many “RINO’s” (Republican in Name Only) support them, which he condemned.

“If you are in support of the racist policies of gun control, you are no longer fit to serve,” said “Black Gun Matter activist Maj Toure, who came wearing a sweatshirt that said, “All gun control is racist.”

US Concealed Carry Association Tim Schmidt announced during his speech that a bill would soon be introduced to proposed “constitutional carry” policies in Pennsylvania.

After the rally, attendees split up into teams to confront state legislators on their positions about various pieces of pro and anti gun legislation.