Pro-Guaidó activists surrounded the Venezuelan Embassy today in Washington DC, holding an all-day protest against the “Embassy Protection Collective” inside. The “Embassy Protection Collective” is comprised of groups like Codepink, ANSWER Coalition, and Popular Resistance who all share the position that Maduro is the rightful president of Venezuela and that Guaidó represented a US-backed coup.

Supporters of the “Embassy Protection Collective” gathered outside to counter-demonstrate the pro-Guaidó activists, which occasionally escalated into violence. Early in the day, two Maduro supporters were arrested after activists from both sides came close together and scuffled over Codepink attempting to erect a tent near the pro-Guaidó folks.

Codepink’s Tighe Barry was arrested for “assaulting a police officer,” but says he was pushed into the officer accusing him. A second supporter of the collective – Miranda Bachman – was also arrested. She was accused of pushing an individual during the scuffle but says she had her hands up and full at the time. Police let her go on the scene without charge.

Hours later, officers established a police line barring off the north side of the embassy. One pro-Guaidó activist was arrested as he crossed it.

After that, a fourth person was arrested after drugs were found. It is not currently confirmed whether she was on a particular side. As she was arrested, she attempted to head-butt officers and smashed her own head into the police van.