Pro-Wikileaks protester Che Drexler, aka “Hostage Notes” was arrested by Secret Service Tuesday afternoon as he threw a poster at the motorcade of Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno.

The poster – which was later seized by United States Secret Service – said “Hands off Assange.”

The handful of protesters at the event were upset that Ecuador allowed British police to arrest Assange, who spent seven years in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

“Free Julian Assange, read the INA papers, journalism is not a crime,” Drexler yelled as he was arrested.


According to a police report, Drexler was charges with two crimes, “Throwing Stone or Missiles” and “Crossing Police Line.”

Journalist and activist Cassandra Fairbanks – whose poster was used as the “weapon” in question – later confirmed that Drexler was released.