“Happy no collusion day!” One day after Mueller completed his report, Trump supporters took to the streets of New York to celebrate Donald Trump.

“Walk Away” movement founder Brandon Straka spoke out at the rally.

The “Walk Away” movement encourages those who currently favor the Democratic Party – particularly minorities – to “walk away” from the left in favor of Republicans and Donald Trump.

“The Democratic Party has been co-opted by militant, tyrannical leftists. Progressives in America are fascist,” he said. “The Democratic Party is co-opted by socialist fascists.”

“We scheduled an event at the LGBT Center here in New York City,” he explained. Soon, he says, a petition demanded the event’s cancellation. The LGBT Center announced the event’s cancellation on Twitter.

Right-wing provocateur Jovi Val also attended, wielding a confederate flag and sign claiming that Donald Trump puts “Israel First.”

Police separated him from the MAGA crowd and put him into his own separate “pen” along with one friend of his.