“Every gender, every race, punch a nazi in the face!”

Today, United Against Racism and Fascism NYC held a march to bring together anti-fascist, anti-racist, anarchist, socialist, and other leftist groups in New York city into a broad but unified coalition.

At the rally before the march, Proud Boy Jimmy Zgorzelski and Trump supporter Lauren White entered the crowd yelling “fuck fascism” at antifa and other participants in the event.

Event marshals de-escalated the situation, which didn’t turn physically violent. Eventually, the two left flanked by NYPD.

Among the speakers was Black Lives Matter of New York City leader Hawk Newsome.

Newsome called out “allies” of the progressive community that don’t show up to events pertaining to issues facing black people and politicians who take on Black Lives Matter issues until being elected.

Livestream Part 1:

Livestream Part 2: