Thousands of high school students walked out of class Thursday morning and marched to the capitol to demand the passage of new gun control legislation. Representative Ted Deutch and Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal also joined in.

Encouraging students who will soon be eligible to vote, Rep Deutch said that “That’s the most powerful took that we have! Keep fighting! Keep speaking out!”

Senator Murphy explained that Donald Trump invited him to the White House to discuss gun control, but that the conversation was halted after the NRA met with the president shortly thereafter. He told the crowd to demand that the Democratic Party nominate someone who would make gun control be a major issue in their campaign.

“We know we can win because we won last November. Gun violence prevention was on the ballot last November and it won,” added Senator Blumenthal.

There were only 2 counter-protesters. One, who ID’ed himself as “@ChrisCella_Jr” on Twitter, heckled a shooting survivor talking about abortion and was pushed away.