Today French students held their own “Acte I,” or first demonstration amidst the Yellow Vest movement. The group carried many of the same goals as the Yellow Vests, but specifically focused on the subject of rising tuition costs in France.

“Emmanuel Macron, Edouard Philippe, Michel Blanquer, Frederique Vidal, and all of them represent and impose a racist, violent, discriminatory and unequal society with flashbangs and tear gas!” said their group’s statement, published before the march.

“Against the reform of the baccalaureate, parcoursup, the paying university for extra-community students, against the liberal and elitist laws that aim to cash in the knowledge, the youth enters in resistance!”

The group had a strong left-wing persuasion, flaunting communist symbols, signs promoting Marxism, and frequent chants of “anti-capitalista!”

“For a new educational system, a university open to all. For the end of the competition of high schools and universities. For a cosmopolitan country where knowledge comes before profit, youth goes on the offensive!”

The group departed from the forecourt of Censier and headed toward a government building where they were deterred by police in riot control gear. The group about about 100 students marched down the street, once being turned around by police again.

Eventually the group split into two directions unintentionally, and police charged between the two sides to split their group in half. The protest dissolved from there.

Given that this was only their “Acte I,” further demonstrations are expected.