On Saturday, News2Share’s Ford Fischer was given exclusive access to record a segment of the Eastern Regional Affiliated Militias (ERAM) conference.

Note: This video is unedited except for one lapse due to a battery failure at 37 minutes in, and three instances in which a city’s name is muted.

American constitutional militia groups operate independently of one another, but stay in contact to maintain common goals and ideals over time.

ERAM was convened January 19th at an undisclosed location in Virginia, where 11 groups from 9 states (Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina) assembled to discuss goals for 2019.

Two representatives from left-wing militia groups also attended, but wished to remain off-camera and off-record for the duration of the recording.

Overall, the groups agreed on three primary shared goals. The first was community outreach. The militias intend to each hold town hall meetings with their respective communities that remain as apolitical as possible and focus on local issues.

News2Share was present at one town hall held in 2017 in Charlottesville attempting to clear up the militias’ role in that situation.

Secondly, the groups plan to develop a mutual aid network for relief during natural disaster situations. During 2017 and 2018, militia groups responded to several natural disasters, but they agreed that additional preparation and coordination work could be done ahead of these situations to handle them most smoothly, and without the help of FEMA or the Red Cross.

Lastly, the groups hoped to push Second Amendment outreach into communities without a strong firearms presence, particularly minority communities.

Those in attendance included:

  • New York Lightfoot Militia State Commanding Officer George Curbelo
  • New York Lightfoot Militia State Executive Officer Andrew Hollister
  • South Carolina Lightfoot Militia Commanding Officer Timothy Flaherty
  • South Carolina Lightfoot Militia Executive Officer John Cody
  • Maryland Citizens Response Team State Commanding Officer Loren Lavoy
  • Maryland Citizens Response Team State founder Kevin Dennis
  • Maryland Citizens Response Team State Executive Officer Jessie Alexander
  • Maryland People’s Militia State Commanding Officer Gary Sigler
  • Maryland People’s Militia State Ops Officer Bill Harding
  • Maryland People’s Militia State Sergeant of Arms Kenneth Brasheer
  • Pennsylvania Lightfoot Militia State Commanding Officer Christian Yingling
  • My Brothers Threepers State Executive Officer Larry Lewis