“We will not comply!” Hundreds of armed activists gathered Monday in Pittsburgh to protest new gun control measures being pushed forward by Mayor Peduto.

“I wanna make sure their rights are being upheld,” said Kaitlin Bennett (also known as the “Kent State Gun Girl”) with an AR-10 slung on her back. “No one here is gonna comply with his ridiculous gun laws.”

Full Rally Livestream

“I wanna tell you Mr. Mayor. The reason for the second amendment isn’t so much to protect our families. It’s to protect us from people like you!” exclaimed Sam Piccinini, a current police officer and former S.W.A.T officer in beaver county.

“These proposals will not work,” added PA 10th District State Representative Aaron Bernstine. “They are a political stunt.”

“They’re slowly chipping away at the second amendment,” said Cory Kepner. “It’s not just a gun issue. It’s a freedom issue!”

With two rifles slung over his back, activist Walter Gibson told News2Share that “Gun control in this country has a racist history.”

“It is important for all people, but especially people of color, to maintain that independence.”

After the rally, a smaller group of the activists led by rally organizer Justin Dillon entered the City Hall and attempted to bring their grievances straight to the mayor.

While Mayor Peduto was apparently “not available,” Dillon had an opportunity to sit down with Communications Manager Tiumothy McNulty, who suggested that the mayor meet him in a private forum.

Dillon’s group then attempted to speak to city councilors. Despite it being 3pm on a Monday, a receptionist claimed that no city councilors were available, and that the office would soon be closed because the government employees usually “leave around 4:30.”