WASHINGTON — James Stachowiak, a right-wing activist and subject of News2Share’s coverage over the past few weeks, called News2Share’s Ford Fischer on Friday morning to tell his side of the story.

“Attack me, you’ll get a bullet in your head”

Stachowiak at UNC protest. Photo by Sarah Shoemaker

“You ever try to attack me, I’ll put you in your grave,” right-wing activist James Stachowiak said to counter-protesters as he exited a pro-confederate monument protest last month at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

According to WJBF, Stachowiak was a police officer until 2008 when his license was revoked for misconduct.

“Attack me, you’ll get a bullet in your head,” he told antifa. “I’m not threatening. I’m telling you what the consequences of an attack would be.”

Police stood between Stachowiak’s group and the counter-demonstrators as the words were exchanged.

News2Share’s Ford Fischer and Sarah Shoemaker covered the event, and while virtually no violence occurred, Stachowiak was adamant in his intention to use lethal force if provoked.

“I am a proud American confederate Patriot,” Stachowiak told News2Share after the event. “And I know what’s coming. It’s a civil war coming by these people and they keep pushing buttons … when they make their final and stupid move, it’ll be the last stupid move they ever make.”

Watch the interview in its entirety on News2Share’s livestream of the event.

Stachowiak has posted a number of videos featuring himself armed and threatening to commit violence against antifa, albeit with the condition of only using force “when they attack.”

The videos, which caught the attention of the SPLC, led to Stachowiak’s removal from YouTube. The group he protested alongside in North Carolina has also disavowed him.

“They plan to cause tremendous bodily harm.”

Stachowiak called News2Share Friday morning unexpectedly. Stachowiak’s conversation with editor Ford Fischer can be listened to in its entirety. Fischer verified with Stachowiak that he consented to being recorded.

Image by WJBF

Stachowiak established that his armed videos were intended to intimidate enemies who “plan to cause tremendous bodily harm.” In the past, Stachowiak has called for lethal force against antifa, Muslims, looters, and Black Lives Matter protesters.

“I’m not the only one who feels this way in this country,” he said.

“Islam is not a religion,” he claimed to News2Share. “It’s an ideology.” In 2015, Stachowiak told Georgia broadcaster WJBF that he believed “Islams (sic) are the devil.”

He also expressed disagreement with SPLC referring to him as “anti-government,” citing his past support for law enforcement.

“We’re building cells,” he claimed — which, to Stachowiak, are necessary to plan for in the eventuality the nation spirals out of control. “At the present point where we’re at, the police have the ability to control the violence if they act on it. I’m talking about if it’s so out of control that the police and the national guard are not able to control it.”

“We’re in a civil war,” he added. “It just hasn’t gone full-throttle.”

In addition to an apocalyptic view of war with the left, Stachowiak pointed out the conditions in which the state itself could become his target.

“Armed conflict is the answer to gun confiscation,” he said, explaining that he’d call for attacks on politicians in the event of wide-scale gun control.

“At the end of the day, the police are the enforcement arm of the state,” Fischer pointed out.

“Would I advocate going to war with the police and even our own government in a state of national gun confiscation?” he asked himself out loud. “The answer would be ‘yes.'”