“Fuck the 1 percent!” “Taxation is theft!” In the era of Trump, street activism has generally become divisive, and centered on conflict between the ideological left and right. One movement that has attempted to sidestep the division is the “Million Mask March,” an annual anti-corruption event that takes place in cities throughout the world since 2013.

The event drew some activists who are now members of the “antifa movement,” while others personally support President Trump. Organizers used the 2018 march to focus on common values (equality and freedom) and common enemies (the Church of Scientology, the Federal Reserve, and the government itself).

Originally, the group was founded as a street wing of Anonymous, an online hacker activist collective.

While some tense moments occurred between the sometimes-smoke-bomb-wielding activists and cars they blocked on the street, the event remained generally peaceful and upbeat.

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