Today dozens of activists marched from Lafayette Park to a White House staff entrance that seven blocked and were subsequently arrested.

The group, flying under the new banner of “#WeDoNotConsent,” sought to protest the broader Trump agenda, but particularly Judge Brett Kevanaugh’s potential appointment to the Supreme Court.

“We’re here today because we oppose Trump’s power grab on the Supreme Court,” said Duncin Meisel, an activist with By the People. “His effort to put Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court despite very credible sexual assault allegations is an effort to prove that powerful men do not have to be held accountable for their actions, and we are here to say we do not consent to that.”

“We do not consent to a government run by abusers and their enablers,” he added.

Alexandra Flores-Quilty, Campaign Lead with By the People was one of the people arrested at the entrance of the White House.

“Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump are both desperate to prove the same thing: that powerful men will not be held accountable for their actions,” Flores-Quilty said. “We demand a shut-down of Trump’s power grabs until the election, and call on millions of Americans to join us to make it happen.”

By the People describes itself as a nonviolent movement led By The People to impeach Trump and remove this Administration from office.