Video by Alejandro Alvarez
Story by Sameera Rajwade and Ford Fischer

The second annual “Mother of All Rallies” or M.O.A.R was held Saturday on the National Mall in Washington DC.

The event was held on the National Mall in Washington D.C with a crowd of 200 conservatives, apolitical observers, and the occasional juggalo. Event organizers for this year’s rally hoped for a larger turn out than last year to emulate the ambitious goal of creating a “Woodstock for Trump Supporters.”

A coalition of III%’er militia groups provided unarmed security to the crowd.

Early on in event, a loan couple began yelling at the crowd, expressing their displeasure with President Trump. The militia separated the rally attendees from the two as they yelled at one each-other. Eventually, a police officer asked the couple to leave. Throughout the event, the militia group held a perimeter around the MOAR’s section of the national mall wearing matching green and gray outfits. No further incidents occurred.

There were no further counter protesters, nor any tense situations with law enforcement. The American Warrior Revolution’s Ace Baker and the militia groups had their own opportunity to speak on stage as well.

Notable guest speakers included Republican party consultant Roger Stone and conservative personalities such as Ashton Whitty and Joey Gibson.

“He should fire Jeff Jessions. He should send the Keebler elf, the insubordinate hillbilly back to Alabama. He should fire Rod Rosenstein,” Stone said of President Trump. “And then, he should fire Mr Mueller. They say if he does this, he will be impeached. Ladies and gentlemen, if he does not do this, he will be impeached.”

“We’ve got to begin to put courage back into this culture,” said Joey Gibson, founder of the west-coast conservative group Patriot Prayer. “We’re becoming so weak. We have to go out, stand up for what you believe in, and just put up with the consequences.”

Whitty took the opportunity to speak out against what she sees as internet censorship. As a supporter of Donald Trump and a listener of Alex Jones, she says that the preservation of their movement depends on social media’s impartiality toward conservative and independent voices.