About 40 activists from a coalition of right wings groups including “Resist Marxism” and “Boston Free Speech” gathered Saturday afternoon at Boston City Hall Plaza to rally against “left wing violence.” The group clarified that they’re “against all political violence,” but that they believe it predominantly comes from the left today. Dozens of Boston Police surrounded the group, protecting them from the hundreds of antifascist activists that attempted to confront them.

After rallying for about an hour without any violence, the group marched with police protection to the “T” (Boston’s subway) where they traveled to Bunker Hill, meeting with the “blue bloc” along the way. The “blue bloc” is a group of “Boston Free Speech” activists who wear all blue and conceal their identities, mimicking antifa’s “black bloc” style. They say that the tactic is used to prevent doxxing.

At Bunker Hill, a few activists spoke, and one (who is also a cannabis legalization advocate) Samson Racciopi, lit up a joint. The group was confronted by only a few counter-demonstrators at Bunker Hill and was able to leave uneventfully.

During a quieter moment at Bunker Hill, an ideological exchange occurred between the two sides:

Livestream Part 1:

Livestream Part 2:

Livestream Part 3: