Avowed national socialist Patrick Little, a former fringe Republican senate candidate in California and current Democrat presidential candidate, showed up Thursday night to the nightly “Occupy Lafayette Park” protest at the White House.

Carrying a sign that read “Expel the Jews,” Little was approached by several activists, including one Jewish woman.

Little told the women that “Jews rape children” and then accused her of “attempted assault and battery” when she stood in his path, physically blocking him.

When confronted about being a national socialist, Little clarified that he now considers himself a “Nationally social democratic American patriot,” who opposes Donald Trump because he “has got Jews married to his family” and supports Israel.

Little posted last month on “Gab” that he “will see the destruction of at least one US holocaust memorial in the next 12 months, or I will take a sledge hammer to one myself.”

When confronted on the post, Little asked News2Share, “You got one that I can destroy made of sugar cubes or something?”

The posts were deleted from Gab earlier today after the website’s host threatened to delete the entire website.

While on the extreme fringes of the “alt-right,” Little said that he will not be attending Sunday’s “Unite the right 2” rally at the White House.

When pressed on the matter he added, “No, no. I’m a Democrat candidate. I’m opposed to Trump’s support of the genocide of the religious and ethnic minorities of Palestine.”

“Well how about the Syrians when the Jews are committing a genocide against them?” he asked before walking away.