Video by Ford Fischer
Photos by Alejandro Alvarez

CODEPINK, Peace Action, and dozens of other activists held a demonstration in front of The White House Monday night in celebration of President Donald Trump’s diplomacy with Kim Jong Un at the nuclear summit in Singapore. The group, normally skeptical of Trump on a variety of issues, said that “we applaud President Trump. Peace is what we want.”

“I’m not a Trump supporter by any means. I think this is a move in the right direction, and I think we need to pray for him and support him in this effort,” said activist Rocky Twyman. “If it fails, it could be catastrophic.”

“We don’t need threats. We certainly don’t need war,” said Brienne Kordis, CODEPINK DC Director. “So this was a chance to mark this monumental moment where leaders are meeting to talk, to hopefully put differences aside.”


“I think that Mr. Trump, although he has been unpredictable on a number of other issue areas, sees the wisdom of ending the Korean War and allowing the Korean people to come together again,” said Aiyoung Choi, a member of the group Women Cross DMZ. “There’s a chance Mr. Trump might surprise us and be consistent on this point.”

Filmed by Ford Fischer

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