Pro-Kurdish activists Monday gathered in front of the State Department to protest a visit by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

“Kurds fight ISIS. Turkey kills Kurds. Turkey supports ISIS,” the protesters chanted. Many of them held YPG flags and posters depicting Turkish President Erdogan as an ISIS leader.

A state department representative came outside and listened to the activists, who handed him a two-page letter detailing their positions. The activists feel that Cavusoglu will “ask for permission to commit a genocide in Manbij like they did in Afrin.”

“The U.S. know what Turkish fascism is. Today, there are U.S. citizens imprisoned in Turkey, and the fascist thugs of the Turkish security forces have even attacked people who protest and dissent here in Washington. The violence the U.S. has been complicit in in Turkey, where the consequences can be ignored, have now struck U.S. citizens. We expect U.S. leaders to understand this, and act accordingly,” says the letter. “The system of Democratic Federation of Northern Syria is the only hope for democracy and peace in the Middle East. Do not let Erdogan destroy this democracy, equality and peace in the region!”