American activists and conservative journalists rallied outside the British Embassy in Washington DC for Tommy Robinson, an activist/journalist and former spokesman and leader of the English Defence League (EDL).

Robinson was sentenced to 13 months imprisonment for “contempt of court” after attempting to livestream outside a trial that had been restricted from media reporting. Ten months was attributable to the livestream, and an additional three came from a re-activated suspended sentence from a previous attempt to film a child rape case.

British reporters were temporarily banned from reporting on Robinson’s case, but the ban was later lifted.

Flowers Left at British Embassy

The American activists left flowers on the British flag “for the innocent girls, the victims of these brutal gangs that are rolling rampant through the UK and other countries. That’s who Tommy was trying to speak for,” according to rally organizer Jack Posobiec.

“I think it really shows how important our first amendment is, and how we need to keep fighting for it at all costs,” said journalist Cassandra Fairbanks.

American Youtube political commentator Ashton Whitty says that civil liberties infringements could cause political destabilization worldwide. “I want to help those people gain their independence and right and liberties that our founding fathers fought for for us,” she said.

Filmed by Ford Fischer

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