Christian activists on the National Mall held “a celebration of freedom from homosexuality and transgenderism,” including speakers who say they are “ex-LGBT,” Saturday afternoon on the National Mall.

“This event will have speakers from around the country who have left Homosexuality/Transgender lives to follow Jesus Christ!” read the event’s Facebook description, which used #oncegay as a hashtag.

“I believe some of you here today are still battling [LGBT] thoughts and temptations. God wants to deliver you from every yoke of bondage,” said Anite Angelo, “He wants you to take every thought captive and lay aside every weight in the sin that so easily does entangle you.”

Angelo says that “for 30+ years, I lived and practiced a gay lifestyle.” She explained that she believes God led her from both her sexuality and her affliction as an alcoholic.

Conservative blogger Elizabeth Johnston, commonly known as “The Activist Mommy,” explains she considers herself an ally, “to one of the most marginalized and censored groups in our culture, and that is the ex-homosexual.”

“I am pro-choice,” she added. “I believe those who choose to engage in homosexual sin also have the right not to engage in homosexuality, and they have the choice to seek therapy for their unnatural and unwanted desires.”

“I am tolerant. I want homosexuals to have the freedom to speak their mind and beliefs. Do we not? And I believe those who believe who believe homosexuality is a sin against God also have the right under God and under our first amendment to speak our beliefs,” she concluded. “That is tolerance.”

“I just am trying to use their own terminology to show how hypocritical they are on the left, basically,” Johnston later told News2Share.

Ronald McCray, who says he has “been delivered from a life of homosexuality for going nine years,” spoke to News2Share alongside his wife, who also has been in same-sex relationships. He said that the activists went to DC to “share our testimonies of freedom, not just from sexual sin, but from the rule and dominion of sin – period – that led me into promiscuity.”

His wife, Fetima McCray, says that she still experiences temptations of sexuality with women, but doesn’t act on them. She says God “is giving us the power to overcome the desires of the flesh.”

The activists marched from the National Mall to the White House, drawing an audience with chants like “Freedom in Christ, it’s so nice.”

Coincidentally, President Donald Trump arrived in his Marine One helicopter at The White House during the march. Activists waved at the president as they marched, and had to change routes due to a secret service shut down of the area on Trump’s arrival.

“Gays for Trump” President Responds

After watching News2Share’s coverage of this event, Gays for Trump president Peter Boykin spoke out to News2Share.

“Being homosexual is no more a sin than eating pork. The only times they talk about it are Leviticus and Deuteronomy, which are written by men. Not God. Men,” Boykin argued. “These people trying to suppress their homosexuality, who they really are, it’s sick. If Jesus wanted it to be that way, he’d have preached it that way. To say I’m going to hell because I’m gay, it’s just wrong. It’s extremism.”

Boykin says the conservative movement is becoming increasingly tolerant of the LGBT community. “My husband and I of 22 years, we went to Trump rallies. They loved it, they loved the fact that they were part of the community.”

“They’ve realized that it’s just two people loving each other. They’ve realized that according to the Republican doctrine of staying out of people’s business, they’ve moved on.”