Russian nationals in the US visited the Russian Embassy to vote in their country’s presidential elections earlier today.

U.S. Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov spoke to press after voting. Antonov would not tell media who he voted for, nor comment on sanctions against Russia or shakeups in leadership at the CIA and State Dept.

Meanwhile, a brief fight occurred outside. Secret Service promptly arrived at the scene and determined, partially based on this video, that both sides committed crimes in the fight. The participants were told that if either side wanted to press charges, all would be arrested. Everyone declined to press charges and was let go.

About a dozen protesters used chants like “arrest Putin now!” to condemn the election itself, which they believe is fixed toward Putin. A statement from the group said the following:

In order to re-elect Putin to a fourth term, the ruling party’s government regime rejected the registration of the only strong opposition politician, Alexey Navalny. Instead, it is allowing a number of pseudo-opposition candidates to run who have never taken part in the political process before. State-controlled TV networks and a non-transparent voting system are set to create an illusion of a democratic reelection, while it is nothing more than a show to cast a veneer of legitimacy on an authoritarian leader.

The upcoming presidential election in Russia are unfree, unfair and undemocratic.