The original organizers of the first Washington, DC event opted for a different approach to the one-year anniversary. Instead of another march on Washington, they chose Las Vegas as a venue they said best embodied their desire to transition their movement from a physical presence in the streets to a force at the voting booths come November.

About 17,000 people attended the event at Sam Boyd Stadium according to Las Vegas officials, which unlike its predecessor did not involve a march but instead was wholly a rally featuring politicians, high-profile activists, and members of the Women’s March national team.

The Women’s March Movement officially launched their new “Power to the Polls” initiative at the rally. Linda Sarsour hosted the event, which featured speakers such as Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards.

Sex workers, including “The Saint of Sexuality” Rev. Arielle Aquinas and Madeline Marlowe, spoke out in the audience.

“[Last year] We were erased from the march and this year it didn’t matter if we were welcome or not; we were gonna be there. We need to be here.”